Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce

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Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce

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Bought in South Korea, but an Australian make.

Very sweet, as a thai sweet chilli sauce but without the 'thai' element. Very tomatoey. Not surprising as sugar syrup is the first ingredient and tomato puree is second.

Not particularly hot, and given that it pours like a ketchup is ideal for burgers or in the place of tomato ketchup.

Very pleasant - would buy again.

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Re: Fountain Hot Chilli Sauce

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put it on ice cream or stick a straw in the bottle and drink it straight. good for recuperating invalids. my grandmother cleans her false teeth with it and pours it on her scones.

seriously - nice flavour but virtually no heat for a man/woman that grows his/her own chillies. this type of sauce is perfect for decanting into a bowl, adding chilli powder/flakes and then funneling back into the bottle - best of both worlds. do it with your favourite 'not-hot-enough-sauce', you will love it!!!
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