Psycho Monkey Sauce.

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Mark H

Psycho Monkey Sauce.

Post by Mark H »

I bought a jar of this after seeing it reviewed elsewhere.


It cost £3.95 a jar (postage was free) and arrived two days after ordering which i thought was a fair price and service.

Its quite tasty and a has a decent amount of heat to it, the heat coming from Habaneros & Naga peppers. My lips ware still tingling 10 mins after tasting half a teaspoon full. Not too sure what to scale it against but i'd say 8/10 for heat.

The spices used are what i would consider to be indian style cuisine spices, cumin, coriander, cardamon, cinnamon, fenugreek,star anise, mustard, with a base of tomato, garlic & lemon juice.

It would go really well in a curry or chili con carne to give it some extra kick, but i guess it would also work as a condiment on cheese on toast or crackers.

Good to have a jar in the cupboard for when you need to get those endorphins going.
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