Chillees Jam and Sauce Review

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Chillees Jam and Sauce Review

Post by Slyboy »

So after seeing the Clifton chilli club review of the Chillees not so mellow yellow chilli jam and having been a follower of TLO's grow log and postings for a long time I bought a few of Nicks jams and a bottle of chilli sauce so here is my review.
First off the not so mellow yellow jam. Initial taste gives a nice sugary mild almost apricot flavour with a little heat that builds up a bit to give a nice warm glow in the back of the throat. A really addictive and moreish flavour that keeps you coming back for more, so much so that I am already half way through the pot in a week! This would be a great marinade for chicken or pork (or just about with anything!)

Next up the strawberry and Bengal naga jam. I had this on whole meal toast this morning and its lovely. A bit deceptive with the heat. Initially the fresh strawberry flavour comes across and then the heat starts to build. Probably a mid heat product but has a nice warm glow. I also made some jam rock cakes with this jam and they were amazing.

Next up the Naga burn chilli sauce. It comes in a 100ml bottle and is quite a runny orange texture that looks like it has carrot in it but it hasn't. Initial taste is the vinegary onion, garlic and apple with lovely chilli kick. Now this does have some serious heat that grabs you around the back of the throat/tonsils area and lasts a good few minutes but is quite edible (I.e. not stupid heat). A really great sauce that can be used as a condiment to compliment food like peas and potatoes or an omelette.

So overall 3 quite different but very accomplished and tasty jams and sauces that I have been very impressed by. I will be coming back for more I am sure.


Re: Chillees Jam and Sauce Review

Post by TheLargeOne »

Wow, thanks David, glad you liked them
the not so mellow is as you say really noce on pork....sausages or pork steaks, last couple minutes under the grille to spice things up

i maybe biased but i do love the strawberry, thats my favourite jam
we now have another hotter sauce...No5 the naga burn is 4 out of 5 and the new is (you guessed it) 5 out of 5
roasted tomatoe, red onion and garlic with scorpion butch t and trin morougas 8)
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