Nandos extra extra hot Peri Peri Sauce

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Re: Nandos extra extra hot Peri Peri Sauce

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Miko wrote:Have you ever known a "supermarket" brand labelled as "hot" to actually be hot?
Seems that the supermarkets think that all their customers are wusses ( or at least the majority are wusses) and they don't want to "burn" them. So to get your brand in the supermarket you have to label it according to the wussy supermarket definition of "hot".

which makes it remarkable that Tesco's are stocking Dave's insanity & ghost pepper ranges - maybe some supermarkets are starting to get it.
the hottest supermarket sauce I've had is the Tabasco Habanero Sauce
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Re: Nandos extra extra hot Peri Peri Sauce

Post by Rosh »

The nandos extra extra hot is one of the most disappointing sauces I've tasted. The flavour itself isn't too bad but it really doesn't pack much heat. Any time I'm at nandos I start off with the XXH but after a few minutes I'm always reaching for the Garlic and Herb because flavour-wise it is just much nicer.

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Re: Nandos extra extra hot Peri Peri Sauce

Post by Garranath »

I tried that sauce both in Nandos and at home. I thought the taste was okay didnt make me want it with any and all food. More for foods that need that little extra kick. As for the Heat, it was like eating a 150,000 SHU chilli (about). I did use a lot of the sauce when i used it, didnt last me very long.
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