Jalapeno x Serbian Annuum

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Jalapeno x Serbian Annuum

Post by Paul79 » Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:52 pm

Today I took a couple of chillies off a plant that I managed to germinate and grow from the PTP8. This was a crossed chilli and I believe it was from a member who I don't see much on here these days called Blink.

The name on the bag the seeds where in simply red Flying Jalapeno x Serbian Annuum. I messaged Blink who got because to me a couple of months ago and told me a little bit about it. The Flying aspect came about if I remember correctly from him knocking the plant over, for some reason I seem to think it was knocking it downstairs but I could be wrong but anyway the plant survived and that's the flying aspect covered. It was crossed with a Serbian Annuum which ripens to red.

I've had a look around and the Serbian Annuum chillies I've found or seen pictures of have corking but sadly nothing has come through on the first wave of chillies so far.

I've harvested two chillies from it for comparison one green and one red which has been fully ripe for a few days now.

The plant itself is sitting with it's brother in a 8 litre pot and considering what it's been through so far, it's pumped out an impressive amount of pods. The plant is currently standing about 40-50cm in height, so not that big but both plants have put out around a dozen pods each so far with a number of them now ripening up. The red one I've harvested was hand pollinated and I've retained the seeds from this for the seed bank and even PTP if people would like to grow it themselves.

Here are a couple of shots of the pods:

Okay so taste wise, the green pepper wasn't much to write home about, standard bell pepper taste, just a straight up pepper with some tongue burn, some juice in there with a sweet taste but that's all. The ripe red chilli was a standard pepper taste there wasn't much to remember, lots of juice, very sweet but surprisingly not much else. Heat wise all front of tongue burn, definitely Family Friendly, didn't make the eyes water, just a decent little burn on the tongue that lasted for a few minutes, no milk required on this report.

Not sure how these are supposed to taste but I'm hoping for a second wave of pods and hopefully they'll have more taste to them.
Would I grow it again? Possibly, will depend on future tastings.
Is the plant a productive one? Based on my short experience with it yes.
What would be the best use for the pod? Probably salads or thrown in with some cold salad but based on the first tasting, not much else.

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