Trinidad Purple Coffee - capsicum chinense

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Trinidad Purple Coffee - capsicum chinense

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Gary (snagglepuss) was kind enough to send me half a dozen of these quite rare little beautys. So i said id review it with a taste test.
Cut it open and was greeted by a very fruity smokey odour , took the half with one seed as not to waste seeds for next season :mrgreen: Quite thick skinned for a small pod , great initial taste , very fuity and quite juicy , Bang ! Lips tingling and a fearful thought Gary has stitched me with a reaper :shock: , but its a managle sting and quite pleasent on the tongue. One cough more from shock at what a stunning taste this pod has.. Lips tingling all over and nose filled with a nice peppery odour . This pod has salsa stamped all over it.
Half a hour after eating half the pod lips still tingly but one of the best pods iv ever eaten ...
Definate for my growlog next season
Looks like a annum , got a definate taste of chinese , better tasting than a habanero IMO .
Cheers Gary :P

Keep it spicy keep it hot .

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