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Peach Habanero

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:31 pm
by Paul79
Peach Habanero

Well first off, it looked a big sized pod, so big in fact that the nice people at Royal Mail felt it was dangerous and tried to squish it. So when it arrived with me, the poor Peach Hab was looking a little flat but it’s that tough it still survived.


I got the pods off Flecam (Lee) on Tuesday, popped them all in the fridge as I knew I wouldn’t be able to try them till Thursday/Friday/Saturday.

Started with the Peach Habanero simply because it was the main Pod Lee wanted me to taste.

After cutting the pod in half I attempted to remove some of the seeds without removing the placenta. I manage to get some out but the majority stayed in, this was simply down to if I liked it, I can grow it and not wanting to feel it again the next day.


So as you will be able to see when I post the pictures it was a big sized pod, got it in and it sat on pretty much the whole of my tongue. Decided I had better start giving it a chew, I won’t lie, I was apprehensive, Habanero’s mess me up.

With Hab’s that I’ve tried in the past I normally find they are dominated by what I now refer to as a Hab taste but this Peach Hab was sweet, fruity and the Habanero taste was more subtle making it one of if the nicest tasting Hab’s I can remember and because it was such a big sized pod, the flavour kept on coming, sweet but not overly so and a lovely fruity taste without being too dominant, delicious.

That taste sensation did last a bit, normally the taste can go fairly early but every chew produced more and it stuck around which was nice. However, with Hab’s there is always a dark side and this was no different. Almost instant heat, honestly my tongue felt like it was on fire within seconds. It began at the back of the throat and ramped up fairly quickly. This moved to the front of the mouth with my lips turning to Mick Jagger, I’m pale white with a shaved head, having big red lips is not a good look.

Tears where on before the minute mark, it was like someone turned on a tap, heat continuing to rise and I had given in and started gulping milk straight from the bottle, I apologise but there was honestly no time to get a glass. This was hotter than I expected. For some reason and it might have just been me on the day but it felt hotter than the delicious Orange Hab that Dennish sent.

I have no idea why I struggle with Habanero’s so much but this was kicking me all around the kitchen.

Now this isn’t the hottest pepper I’ve had, no where near and it’s not the most aggressive pepper I’ve had either but I hate the burn from Hab’s. It’s so quick to hit you and my tongue is so uncomfortable, my lips are killing, I’ve accidentally pierced the inside of my lip with a tooth. Tears are still streaming, mouth is on fire, I’ve drained almost four pints of milk, I then see some ice cream and literally start lumping scoops into my mouth.

I continue to feel the burn for a good 20-25 mins, It peaked after about 10-12 mins but my tongue continues to feel it’s after effects for some time. It’s a lovely tasting pepper and I would say it would have its uses for a number of dishes. I’m not sure what the plant looks like, growth habit or how much of a producer it is, Lee will have to give mention to that but the pod itself looks beautiful even if squashed.

I’d like to say thanks to Lee for sending me it but I’m not sure why I am, my stomach is still reeling today. :lol:

Thank You

Re: Peach Habanero

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:43 pm
by Flecam
As always mate, a cracking review.

Gutted the Pod was damaged in transit, but glad to see it got there in one piece. It was a tidy size pod. Glad you enjoyed the taste (momentarily). Its a very attractive coloured pod, a change from the RED, Yellow green pods.

The plant is meant to be very productive, although, I can only fit my 2 plants in the bathroom window and in the loft conversion which isnt ideal, but I should get a couple of dozen pods from the plants this season. In a greenhouse, I can see these going nuts.

Will be over wintering one of my plants, as Ive tried a slice and the pods are very fruity as you described.

Cheers for trying it mate, and hope you get some plants out of the seed next year.


Re: Peach Habanero

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:59 pm
by Flecam
Hi Paul

This is the actual Pod I sent you whilst still on the plant.


It looks a bit better than when Royal mail delivered it to you.