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Red Habanero

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:13 pm
by Paul79
Red Habanero (RHab) again thanks to Lee aka Flecam for his kind generosity that tended to leave me in bits :mrgreen:

I was tempted to start this review with the following: Pain, Hot, Pain, Hot, Burn

But, that would be unfair and not very helpful when attempting to describe the pod to others.

Big sized pod, a little damage from Royal Mail's special delivery techniques.


Familiar Hab aroma when cutting the pod open, lots of pockets of capsicum oil, I think this may hurt.


De-stalked and popped the pod in. Not much crunch to this, a tad soft, maybe I left this pod a bit longer than I should have. Not much sweetness here which is a tad surprising following the recent tastes of the Orange and Peach Hab. This does have a definite Habanero taste and a very pleasant fruity taste coming through. No matter how good that taste is, I stop thinking about it very quickly.

Burn starting on the tongue already, not quite 30 seconds and the tongue is on fire now, eyes are starting to run and this is quickly ramping up. At the minute mark eyes are in full stream, nose is a little runny and the tongue is on fire, also my lips are burning. Damn you Habanero, why, why why!

I'm staring at the milk through tear filled eyes, I want to hold out longer but these hab's are literally my nemesis. Milk starts getting drunk, check the time, I don't think I made the two minute mark. I check my face and eyes are already showing signs of being blood shot and tears are in full flow, lips are currently flushed and a little swollen. Whether I remove the saliva or not my tongue burns, cold air doesn't help, more milk it is. I really must stop licking my lips while chewing pods.

About the 12 min mark it's not getting any hotter but I've now had two pints of milk, feeling in pieces. Stomach is not enjoying this, it doesn't like Habs. Mouth isn't getting any hotter, just staying the same, tongue, all front tongue is ablaze and lips are swollen and stinging. I managed to re-pierce the hole I made the other day while munching on a pod, pain, literal pain.

Again, I feel I have to repeat myself but Hab's are not the hottest peppers I've had, not even close, there burn isn't the most aggressive either but f**k me they are worse than any of the super hots maybe with the exception of the Reaper which I still dislike with a passion. I'd much rather have a tasty Madballz and be aggressively burned or a beautiful tasting Infinity 7 Pot, Brain Strain etc to these. The feeling the habs leaving me with is hard to describe. Imagine eating something raw and rotten, you're body knows it's bad for you, it fights you, it wants to get rid but it can't. It messes me up inside something ruthless. I love the look of Habs, love the way the plants grow, it's my second season of growing habs but I do not like eating them raw.

Honestly not sure why I keep doing this but I think it's for those rare pods you come across when you're writing s sub species off like the Hab's and you discover the wonderful taste of the Paper Lantern. For those rare moments alone it's worth tasting more and more peppers that do this to you.

Okay so after about 35-40 mins I'm feeling a little more human, my eyes are still looking like I've watched the biggest tear jerker going. My tongue is almost back to normal but my stomach literally hates me. I actually prepared a little more than normal for this pod, I ate a couple of bananas about 2 hours before hand, clearly it hasn't helped.

Uses for the pod, definitely useful in cooking, looked a nice pod too. If I was picking one Hab over the other though, I'd definitely go with the Lantern or Peach. The latter purely for the colour of the pod.

Thanks again Lee!