Mustard Habanero

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Mustard Habanero

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So the final pod from Bullgoose (David) was the Mustard Habanero. There was a reason I put this off till last, firstly I thought I had already sampled a Mustard Habanero but that was actually a Mustard Scorpion I believe, it was last year. The other reason was Habanero's generally don't like me.

That being said, I had to review this at some point and today being a Bank Holiday made perfect sense.

So here is the Pod:


Once I cut the pod in half I got quite a strong aroma, very typical Habanero smell and hopefully as you can see from the picture below, good pockets of oil on the walls:


I again removed some seeds but there wasn't many to be had with this. Now I've no idea if this is fully ripe, final colour etc, It's over to Bullgoose to give information regarding that. So both halves back together and into the hatch.

Quite a decent sized pod and I began to chew. Quite a bit of pod to get through here, munching for what seems an eternity, taste wise, a touch of sweetness but not a lot, subtle fruity flavour coming through, hint of floral which when trialling off gives a small touch of earthiness to it, not the most pleasant ending. Surprisingly for such a big pod there also isn't a lot of juice to this.

I manage to get the pod down in around 30 seconds, heat has already started, caused me to cough a couple of times too, really hit the back of the throat. Sides of the tongue are really going at it, working its way forward, all over tongue burn now. Heat continuing to rise, not at the 2 mind mark yet, reaching for milk, eyes have started to water.

It's a hot pod, not as hot as the Orange Bhut yesterday, I'd say it was probably just below the Orange Habanero pod I sampled a few weeks back. It has that characteristic Habanero heat, quick to set, aggressive and builds rapidly.

Big gulps of milk, holding in my mouth to provide a bit of relief, second glass of milk commences, again big gulps, hold for relief.

Tears aren't as bad as I was expecting and the nose is a little runny but nothing to bother about, sweat has kicked in though, got a good shine to the forehead. Tongue is literally ablaze, pinging my senses, lips are also burning and I must have rubbed my face too because that's stinging and I only shaved this morning, wow I hate habaneros :lol:

I can already feel my stomach twisting, I have a feeling this will give me a good kicking for most of the day.

Around the 9 min mark heat has already peaked and on its way back down, another hot habanero, I'd probably put that around 200k - 250k mark, an aggressive quick burn with this, all tongue and front of mouth burn. I think the coughing was induced by me inhaling as I was chewing, rookie mistake.

Totally at a loss as to whether the pod was fully ripe, I just don't have any experience with Mustard Pods.
It has enough kick to be used in cooking but the flavour isn't anything to write home about and as such, it might have its best used as a powder.

I'd once again like to thank David and everyone else on the boards, without you generous fold sending me this pods, I'd never get to experience so many different and wonderful chillies.

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