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Post by Paul79 »

First Pod test of Ozricle's package:

The Pod in question is labelled as Faria. I done a little and quick internet search but I'm hoping that Ozricle will either confirm or set me straight, it's a Tobago Scotch Bonnet variety.


So I didn't know much about the pod but it doesn't have deep grooves, doesn't have bumpy skin which the other two pods have so it has to be the mildest of the three and less likely to leave me hurting.

I cut the pod in Half:


It's a capsicum chinese, no doubt about that smell. Quite strong aroma, thicker walled than I imagined, a lot of placenta as the picture above shows and a good amount of seed. I haven't kept the seed from this pod, I've got a second pod which I'll use for seeds.

Onto the taste test. Popped both halves in and began to chew. Instant burst of juice with sweetness coming through wow, good crunch to the pod, tasting great, peppery taste hits the back of the throat causing me to cough/choke but just a few times, back in control, heat already on the go, quite a quick burning pepper. Fruity sweet taste literally with every chew.

The pod needs to be bigger with this taste, you want to keep chewing, great flavour. Sadly the pod is gone too soon for my liking but what a flavour. If bigger pods retain this taste then wow, every chew released more sweetness and fruity flavours, stunning.

Heat on the rise, attacking the tongue and back of the throat, sides of the tongue feel like it's being stabbed with a thousand needles, senses are pinging. Eyes begin to tear up, no sweating and nose is fine. This little pod is packing a really good punch.

It has a Habanero esq aggressive burn but doesn't reach the same levels as a Habanero so it could quite possibly be a Scotch Bonnet variety.

I think I've been caught out and underestimated this pod. Heat continues to rise, tongue is really on fire, spreads to the lips and roof of the mouth, it's hot but not unmanageable. I've gone three minutes so far and no milk but that resolve is starting to break. Eyes are still watering but it's not hot enough to get the nose going or to cause me to sweat.

About four minutes in I take a mouth full of milk and hold. That's it for the milk with this pod. It's already peaked and is on it's way down.

The tongue continues to ping till around the 14-15 min mark but nothing uncomfortable, just lets you know that you've eaten a chilli.

Overall a great tasting pod. I'd love to know if these pods get bigger.
Would be perfect in cooking, as a powder/flakes, salsa the list is endless.
It has a good level of heat, good burn but less than a Habanero level.

Cheers Ozricle

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Re: Faria

Post by trident »

Yes a CARDI variety as seen on their site ... if you look on the Hot Pepper Forum it gets favourable reviews especially from "pepperproblem" known to have grown many variations. As it doesn't have that Scotch Bonnet shape it leans more towards a Habanero ... Still a fine pod to grow

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