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Harold St. Barts

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:59 pm
by Paul79
Second of the Pods sent by Ozricle.

The pod selected was the Harold St Barts


This is a plant I had grown this year, two of them in fact but to date it still hasn't flowered, so I'm really very grateful to Ozricle for sending me a pod to try.

Ok so prior to tasting this, here is what I know. It's part of the Habanero family, doesn't fill me with joy. However it's meant to be one of the nicest of the Habanero family, so looking forward to that.

Here is the pod in half:

So cut in half it's got that typical aroma of a chinense. A couple of black spots on and near the seeds, so not sure if they are just spoiled seeds or not but we're going to be trying this regardless.

Popped both halves of the pod in and began to chew. Instant burst of juice, sweetness straight from the off. Fruity flavour coming through with a hint, undercurrent of smokiness, very interesting. Chew more and same again, a very subtle smoky flavour underneath a fruity flavour on top. Not experienced a pepper like this before.

Heat has already started, straight on the tongue, characteristic of the Habanero family for me, quick heat setting on the tongue and ramping up. Eyes already beginning to tear up.

This is a decent sized pod and every chew gives more of this complex but wonderful taste, towards the end of each munch I'm getting a brief taste of citrus, quite an unbelievable pod, truly complex in its taste. You get that initial sweet fruity burst of flavour, an undertone of smokiness, literally just a hint and as your coming to the end of what you're chewing a little bit of citrus. Stunning flavour.

Heat is beginning to really go off now, eyes in full flow, get a bit of a sweat on too. Nose is just starting to get a little snotty. I'm around the 90 seconds mark and the tongue is just a blaze, breathe in and out it's like wafting a flame over the area, a glass of milk will assist at this stage.

Hold the milk in my mouth and let my tongue take a break, swallow and boom there it is again. This definitely belongs to the Habanero family, this burn and type of burn for me personally is all Habanero, quick to set, ramps up, aggressively attacks the tongue and seems to stay around too.

Pod has gone and sadly that wonderful taste has too. It's now all about controlling this heat, trying to manage the burn on the tongue which is just edging it's way on to my lips. My tongue is just ablaze, literally senses are pinging, I'm having to have a second glass of milk here, passing the 6 min mark though, so it's not got long left.

About 8 mins in this is levelling out, it's not getting any hotter, it's plateaued, fairly solid burn but just about ready to creep back down. Get to around 10 mins or just past that and the heat now is very manageable, I can still feel discomfort on my tongue, especially when breathing in and out, any saliva that I move around tingles but definitely dropped off.

So an overview, great taste, I'd probably have to put it up there with the best tasting Habanero I've had, the complexities of it's taste is quite unique, I'm struggling to remember If I've had another pepper like it.
Heat is definitely Habanero, not quite as hot as some of the other Habs I've tried recently but still packed a good punch.
This pepper has so many uses, I'd highly recommend it.

Nice one Ozricle, stunning pepper and I really appreciate the chance to taste it.