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Black Naga

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 7:43 pm
by Paul79
I tried the 3rd of the pods sent by Ozricle which happened to be the Black Naga. Now there was a reason I left it till last, I knew it would be hot and I don't like chocolate/dark pods based on my brief experience with the Chocolate Habanero. The pod itself is a stunning looking pod though, quite a good size and although I claim to not enjoy the taste or destruction of the pods, I do like how they look, especially the colour.

So here is the pod:


As always with the pods I receive I cut this open and here is the opened pod:


I smelt the knife after cutting it because there was a lot of oil on the blade, wow, this is going to absolutely kill me. The Pod has a very strong aroma to it, a really full on hot chinense smell.

Placenta goes right the way through the pod as you can see, pockets of oil everywhere, a tinge of green on the inside and a good amount of seed.
Now I don't know a lot about this, infact apart from it being a Naga and a Chinense I don't know nothing else. A little research has told me its possibly from Bangladesh between 700k to 800k scoville units. I'm not sure if its stable or if it's still in the early stages but there we go.

Now I'm not going to lie, I did consider just trying half of this pod but the saying go hard or go home resonates in my head and reluctantly and foolishly I pop both halves in and began to chew.

There is a initial sweet taste that comes through, quite welcomed. Nothing overwhelming just a nice sweet taste. A floral flavour then starts to come through really tasty, as it's tailoring off you get a small hint of bitterness to the bite, just a small hint.

I can feel the heat starting to build on the back of the throat quite early, nothing too intense but its starting. It's caused me to cough a couple of times and my eyes have watered as a result. This is quite a good sized pod so its taking a bit of time to chew, every bite though is accompanied by similar waves, sweetness, then into a floral taste which ends with a hint of bitterness.

The heat has moved onto the tongue now, I think I'm approaching the minute mark and I've not long got rid of the pod, throat is still burning, I can feel it down my throat heading towards my stomach, back of the tongue is now starting to burn and it's edging forward constantly.

I've reached the two minute mark or thereabouts and my eyes are pouring, sweating has kicked in and my nose is running too. My throat and tongue feel like a naked flame is alight on them/in them. I'm reaching for the pre-prepared milk, virtually no relief is provided, already pouring a second and even holding my tongue in a mouthful of milk isn't helping.

The burn is rising all the time, this doesn't just explode and it's on, it builds and builds and builds. To try and paint a picture after 4 mins I was learning over a kitchen counter top with my head buried into my folded arms. My stomach has already started to make noises that I know I'll end up regretting.

I've got some ice cream and I've just heaped a scoopful onto my tongue. Honestly didn't feel it, every breathe in and out seemed to anger my tongue, it just causes more pain, I purposely try breathing purely through my nose. Tons of saliva off this pod.

At the 8 min stage I'm literally sweating buckets, you'd swear it was Summer time with temps in the 30s, eyes are still watering away and my nose is a steady stream. I think the heat has peaked, I'm not entirely sure, I can't actually feel my tongue, it's so unpleasant, I'm pouring yoghurt into my mouth but it just tastes vile.

I'm writing this a few hours after tasting that pod. I'll be honest I felt rough for a good hour or so, the burn in my mouth continued for over 20 mins albeit at a reduced level, it really attacked the throat and tongue, it feels like I've been the game or a concert and I've shredded my throat. I actually felt quite drained afterwards, this pepper really kicked me everywhere.

It's still not the hottest pepper I've had and it doesn't have the most aggressive burn either but it's hot, seriously hot and I'm starting to think that Chocolate Pods and Darker pods in general just do me in, similar to that of the Habanero's.

Overall though how to I rate the pod, well the taste was quite nice, it's not the nicest pod I've tasted but it still has a good taste, it has sweetness which is always a plus point, it's also got a nice floral taste to it too and the hint of bitterness at the end did actually help to balance the pod, made you pick up on the other flavours more and appreciate them.
The heat on this is quite high, I'd say it definitely matches the levels it says while looking around, personally I feel that it's actually hotter but then I would say that.
Uses, wow I'm not sure. I think if I was to use this in food, it would have to be in small pieces, it could be used as a powder but I think it would probably be great in sauces as it would provide quite the kick.

Thanks again Oz, I may live to regret this one, I know I'm already feeling delicate right now :lol:

Re: Black Naga

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:46 pm
by chilliman64
I grew these a few seasons ago (I got the seeds from chillipepperpete). while I couldn't bring myself to eat one whole I did eat a lot of them. I think they are plenty hot enough, for me at least.

I didn't find the plant to produce a lot of pods, probably a bit on the low side and in true superhot fashion they were late season producers. this would be one worth overwintering.

due to the thin walls the pod dried out quickly and easily and made some excellent brown (not black) powder.

Re: Black Naga

Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:00 pm
by peterpiper
Is this the same as the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia?
From the photos the pod seems to be almost identical. I grew some of these last year and both the flavour and the aroma were very good, however, mine did not seem to be quite as hot as yours, though I don't eat a raw pod but mince them, mix with a little chopped shallot and a very small amount of boiling chinese vinegar and eat this as a chunky sauce. This brings out all the flavour and will keep for at least 3 weeks in the fridge.

Re: Black Naga

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:33 am
by Paul79
Not an expert on either variety but from what I've read and seen, they are two different strains.