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St Lucia Island

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:09 pm
by Paul79
St Lucia Island


Here is the pod cut in half:

This has been grown indoors under the garden grow light all season, hand pollinated and seeds retained.

Quite a small pod, thick walled and the shot of it cut in half had the flash on because for some reason it went quite dark in the kitchen. The pod itself had quite a sweet smell to it when opened, didn't scream heat so both halves went into the hatch.

Quite a crunchy pod, good amount of juice and although the pod had a sweet smell, there wasn't a lot of sweetness to it. Once I began to break down the pod I got a fruity flavour coming through, not particularly overwhelming, it was I'd say almost middle of the road, nothing spectacular.

The heat took a little while to begin to build, I was quite surprised by this as I'm sure it's part of the Habanero family. It began around the minute mark towards the back of the throat and slowly moved forward. Once on the tongue it began to set the senses off but nothing unbearable, it was all very manageable. Got a few tears in the eyes and a slight sweat on but, nothing near what I was expecting from this pod.

Tongue started to burn, nothing overly aggressive, it was a mild burn in my opinion with a medium level of heat at best.

Heat peaked around the 5 minute mark, tongue had probably got the worse of the burn but no milk required, virtually no discomfort too.

Overall taste was okay. It wasn't a stand out flavour, it was fruity but it wasn't memorable, it was just fruity, little bit of sweetness and overall that was disappointing, I've tasted many better pods recently.
Heat again was disappointing, decent enough tongue burn but was never aggressive, didn't have me sweating or reaching for milk but I'm not really sure what the levels are meant to be like on this. If it's meant to be a mild pod then fair enough it would definitely have it's uses but if it's meant to be hot, then it failed to deliver.