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After trying the pod I've tried to find out a little bit about it but the only pod that keeps appearing is the Pimenta Puma, not sure if that is it but the search engine kept throwing out Puma clothing/sports goods, so I stopped searching in the end. Hopefully Gary could provide more information about the background.

Here is the pod:

As usual I've cut the pod in half:

Quite interesting seed spread, top and bottom but nothing in the middle. Decent amount of oil on the knife, quite a strong fruity aroma coming from the pod too.

I've removed the seeds from this. Not sure if Gary wanted any keeping, if not, the seed bank will benefit again.

Popped both halves of the pod in and began to chew, crunchy walls providing an initial sweet taste and then quite a full fruity flavour starts coming through, very pleasant. Heat starts to build on the front of the tongue while I'm still chewing.

I speed up the chewing process and every bite is producing that fruity flavour. The burn though is setting quite quickly with this pod. The heat is fairly aggressive already, the front of the tongue is already taking quite the beating and saliva is building rapidly in my mouth.

I've got the pod down and the burn is now moving to the sides of the tongue and forwards onto the lips, so front of tongue is literally booming, sides of the tongue are really starting to ping and my lips are already feeling puffy.

After about 90 seconds I've got a mouth full of milk, the only way to describe how the front of my tongue felt was Ouch. It was painful, the tip of the tongue felt like it had been set on fire, I cleared saliva from my mouth and more came, my nose is running and I've got a sweat on.

If it wasn't for the fact that my tongue was in so much pain, I'd probably be laughing at my naivety. I remember Gary's grow log containing hot, super hot and stupidly hot peppers, why would I think this would be anything but super hot.

First glass of milk has gone, I don't want to reach for another, I'm sticking my tongue out encouraging the air to wash over it, also a daft move.

Six minutes in and my eyes are pouring, nose is running, sweating and in quite a bit of discomfort. The heat/burn isn't getting any worse, it's all mouth burn, especially the tongue (mainly front for me) and lips, I look like I've kissed a wasp. Although it's not getting hotter, it hasn't started to drop away yet either.

As It gets to the 8-9 min mark, the heat is falling, the sweating and nose running has eased right off, the tears are still there and tongue is still quite sore. I've got to say this pod has produced tons of saliva too.

I probably felt the burn on my tongue for over 15 mins, it really did go after the tongue, especially the front of the tongue.

Overall an impressive first pod. Nice fruity flavour, I was expecting it to have some citrus to it but I didn't detect any. As you get to the end of the chewing, there is a brief floral flavour, very brief, nothing unpleasant either so bonus.
Heat on this is quite quick to set, it was really aggressive on the front of the tongue to the point where it was almost painful. Produced a lot of tears and saliva too. Heat sticks around for a respectable time, not up there with the hottest I've tried but I don't recall many pods that aggressively attack the tip/front of the tongue the way this does.

It was a great first pod to try, I'm a little worried about the others now. Cheers Gary, really appreciated.

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