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Cap 649

Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 1:51 pm
by Paul79
Cap 649

Now David had kindly labelled the pod, it says it's from Peru and a Baccatum. A very brief search presented absolutely no information in a language I understood so that is where the background details stop I'm afraid.

This is the pod in question:

Now cut open, the pod had a very fresh bell pepper aroma to it, lots of seeds, I tried to carefully remove as many as possible, seedbank, PTP in my mind.

As you can see it's a fairly respectable sized pod, so I took it down by biting into it about half way and then putting the other half into my mouth and began to chew it up.

This pod has a really good crunch to it, very juicy, literally every bite produces juice, it's got a really nice balanced sweetness to it and I wouldn't say fruity taste because I don't think that does it justice, I would have to describe it as a fresh taste. Honestly this pod was a delight from start to finish.

Each bite gave a juicy sweet taste and an unbelievable freshness when chewing, cannot recommend this highly enough. I thought I had nailed down my Baccatum selection for next year but wow this has messed that list up. Because of the pods size it took about 30-40 seconds to get through it all and it was constant great taste, definitely one of the highlights of this year.

Heat wise, all front of tongue, right up to the tip, it got hot without being unbearable. It did produce a couple of tears which happens most times with me and did cause me to perspire a bit too, so it's got a respectable heat level without it being uncomfortable. I didn't require any assistance with this, just let the pod do it's thing which last around 5-6 minutes.

Ideal in salads, fresh dishes, as a snack :P Honestly this could be used for a number of things. The taste is fantastic. I'm not sure I would want to use it in cooking because I think when fresh like this it's just so tasty that you'd risk losing it, I think....

Fantastic start to this latest batch. Cheers David, unbelievable pod