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Aji Fantasy (Baccatum)

Posted: Wed Sep 24, 2014 5:36 pm
by Paul79
The Aji Fantasy which is a Pod that I received from a purchase off O.Chilli.D (Obsessive Chilli Disorder - Paul Willet)


This is a Baccatum and If I've read correctly was developed and patented in Finland. The pod itself looks lovely and when cut open gave off a fresh aroma, very simple clean smell.


I've removed the seeds and once the season has come to it's natural finish, I'll get another envelope of seeds off to Heefy for the seedbank.

Popped both halves of this into the mouth and began to chew. (Literally 20 mins ago). Really good crisp crunch to the pod, not much in the way of juice but the crunch pod is great. I'm starting to notice that the Bacca pods have in general a really good crunchy pod to them, which I quite like.

The taste though has that Wow factor. Clean, melon like in taste, it was truly stunning. A very fresh tasting pod, flavour sticks around, every bite has more of the same and lingers for a bit after its gone, beautiful. I cannot recommend the taste enough, it took me by surprise at just how nice it was.

The heat on this is Family Friendly, literally a little buzz on the tongue, a very slight mild warming on the tongue and that's it.

For me, A definite addition to the Bacca list, beautifully tasting pod, mild heat means family food friendly, so it's a double winnner!