Jay's Peach x Primo

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Jay's Peach x Primo

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Hello Again,

Gary aka Snagglepuss very kindly messaged me and asked if I'd be interested in doing some pepper reviews and those of you who know me, know the answer was a firm Yes!
I've completed the first view reviews today which I'm going to post.
For the past 12 months I've moved house and had my first child, massive upheaval and shock to the system, as such my grow took a back seat but I still dip in catching up on peoples grows. I've grown just a handful of plants this year with the three highlights being the BGP, Aji Fantasy and Venezuelan Tiger, all of which have been on a south facing window sill and pumping out a good number of pods considering their contained size. I've also been getting into various cooking sauces and condiments picked up from the Chilli Festival held in Warrington and follow up orders online.

Right, onto the review. I've decided it's easier to sit down with a pen and pepper when doing this now, this enables me to capture it all in the moment.

The first pod I went with was the Jay's Peach x Primo. I've tried both of these strains in previous seasons and if I can recall correctly, I preferred the Primo of the two.


Apologies for the pictures, I'm out of practise and I've downgraded my phone, so not such a good camera.


The pod when cut open gave off that instantly recognisable chinense aroma. It was strong enough to notice it but not overly dominant. The walls of the pod are quite thin and as the picture shows, it had a decent amount of seeds considering its size. The placenta was mostly contained to the top part of the pod and there was small hints of oil with small pockets of shine within.

I removed a few of the seeds to prevent the double burn afterwards, I'd highly recommend doing this when eating hot pods.

Popped the pod in and began to munch. Didn't take too long to get this down, no crunch or juiciness with this, just thin fleshy walls. The initial taste is a floral one, it's not particularly sweet either, the floral taste isn't bad but fades away a little quicker than I'd have liked. As you finish swallowing the last entrails of the pod and getting the bits out of your teeth, you're left with a hint of bitterness but this isn't a bad thing, it makes you appreciate the floral taste that went before.

The burn is initially front of tongue and a little on the sides. It's not aggressive and nor is the heat really ramping up. It slowly starts to move towards the back of the tongue and into the throat but it's a lot milder than I was expecting.

There is a decent amount of heat within the mouth, my eyes have watered up a little and I've got a slight dab on but considering the Primo was a pretty hot pepper and the Jay's Peach packed a good kick, I'm surprised that this doesn't have more heat to it.

Within 6 or 7 minutes the tongue/mouth burn has subsided, no need to reach for any drinks on this one.

Due to the thinness of the walls, I'd imagine this would dry quite easily and would be useful when making powders.

Cheers Gary aka Snagglepuss for sending me the pods. Interesting and decent start to the bundle.

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