What's worth growing or not!
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This was another pod sent to me by Gary aka Snagglepuss.

It was labelled as Vampire and I had no other information to go along with it. As you can see it has a darkish shade of red, long shape and medium size to it. When cut open it definitely doesn't have a chinese aroma to it, I instantly thought Annuum.

I'll post up the photos once all my backups and downloads have completed, I was just mindful of getting the reviews posted.

The walls of the pod were thick for its size, a definite crunch to them as the knife cut through. It was very seedy inside running straight down the middle and it's aroma was quite clean.

I removed some seeds and popped both halves of the pod in and began to bite down, instant crunchy walls filled with a sweet subtle fruitiness, it had a real clean taste to it, almost baccatum esq I would say. Each bite was equal to its previous bite. This pod is packed with sweet juicy bites, the flavour being so subtle and clean makes it a winner for me.

As for the heat.... It barely registered, unlike it's name this one lacks bite. I'd probably say it's got less heat than a Jalapeno, probably less than an Aji Fantasy, I didn't notice anything.

However that shouldn't make it a bad pod, on the contrary, I'd love to have a plant full of these growing outside, its a great family pepper. It's got lovely crunchy juicy walls with a great subtle clean fruitiness to it. That alone should make this a pepper worth growing.
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