Yellow Jonah

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Yellow Jonah

Post by Paul79 » Sun Oct 25, 2015 12:30 pm

Apologies in posting the remaining reviews up. My PC went and had several failures and it's taken some weeks to get it all up and running again. I'll attach the photos once all the backups are done.

Again this pod came in a great bundle of pods from Gary (Snagglepuss). Thanks Again

So this is the Jonah Yellow / Yellow Jonah.

So a little bit of info, providing Gary's strains haven't had another other variation which is always possible. Chinense variety hailing from the Caribbean and If I'm right, it's part of the 7pot family.

Again, Photos will follow once the PC is fully up and running etc

I had two pods to choose from with this but when I cut into the first pod, the seeds had gone black which put me off it, so I went with the second pod. When cutting the pod in halve, I got a mild chinense aroma which surprised me as I was expecting this to jump up and hit me in the face, let me know what it was.

I've had 7pots in the past and although extremely hot, I generally quite like them. So with that being said, I popped both halves in and munched away. There wasn't a great deal of juice inside this pod and more surprisingly, the sweetness on them was quite faint, I had expected it to be a very sweet pod but that could have been down to me keeping this particular pod in the fridge for almost two weeks after receiving it, my bad.

What it lacked in juicy sweetness however if made up for in it's flavour, that wonderful fruity flavour came through in abundance, it tasted great. That however didn't last long, within the first few bites, my tongue started to burn, working it's way from the back of the tongue, around to the sides and going forward.

The heat was really ramping up and I was getting a sweat on fairly quickly. The eyes and nose started to turn on the water works and I knew this one was probably going to hurt. The burn literally engulfs the tongue, back to front, down the sides. It gets into the roof of your mouth and into the gums where you've been chewing.

Sensors in your mouth are pinging and it begins to travel to the throat. I'd gotten a little cocksure of myself with these reviews and hadn't prepared anything and as such, my eyes streaming, I'm heading to the fridge for my good friend Mr Semi Skimmed. This pod literally lit me up, the heat and burn was solid and lasted for a good 7-8 minutes. I knew I was alive after eating this, it got the adrenalin going again.

I do wonder if this would have had the characteristic sweetness if I hadn't left it so long, I do regret that but with a busy schedule and a baby, I couldn't get to it sooner.

Uses for this would be any form of cooking, it would definitely bring hit and flavour to any curry or Caribbean dish. I also think it would make a great powder.

Cheers for the pods Gary.

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