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Post by Paul79 » Sun Oct 25, 2015 2:31 pm

Apologies in posting the remaining reviews up. My PC went and had several failures and it's taken some weeks to get it all up and running again. I'll attach the photos once all the backups are done. (This is my disclaimer :lol: )

Again this pod has arrived from Gary aka Snagglepuss, his mission is clearly to destroy me.

So the Kraken, this pod or seed came to Gary through John Ford I believe and it was created by a guy in Illinois USA called Mike Hess and it's a cross between a Bhut Jolokia and a Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion. That info was provided by Gary and a quick web search.

The photos (when they're uploaded) show a fairly evil looking pod and it's chocolate which means, I'm probably going to suffer and hate the thing.

This had some pockets of oil going right through the pod and as it's new (albeit unstable) I thought I'd harvest some seed.

When cut open, the pod had a mild chinense aroma tinged with an earthy smell to it.

I didn't really want to do this but I put both sides in and began to chew. Taste wise it wasn't great, hint of floral trailing off to a bitter after taste, definitely not one to remember for taste. The taste though didn't linger, heat on this was almost instant. It attacked the back of my tongue and roof of my mouth within seconds.

The heat starts off hot and ramps up quickly, my eyes are watering within a minute, my tongue feels like its ablaze, the burn is also super aggressive. It's literally wave after wave of naked flames running from back to front over your tongue. It hit the sides of my tongue fairly quickly and breathing just intensified the burn.

It then moved into the back of the throat where it seemed to just stay, it's like swallowing something you've just cooked without checking the temp, it's lodged in your throat burning the lining of your throat and mouth.

My nose and eyes are streaming, milk is having absolutely no effect on this pod. It's burning aggressively and I feel like I'm sitting in a sauna, the sweat is just running off me like water over glass. This is causing me pain, it's reminiscent of the madballz burn, its quick, its hot and its aggressive. The only thing it lacks is the flavour.

This pod literally kicked my rear end for a solid 15 mins, it left me in bits. I got an adrenalin rush because I freaked out at one point (I must be rusty in reviews), it caused considerable amounts of drooling, tears and snot (sorry). This is probably the hottest pod I've tried all year and made me feel quite ill for the rest of the day and the following day. It turned my stomach into a mess.

This is a seriously hot pepper with an aggressive quick to set heat and burn. It would definitely spice up anything you ate but it's not one for the family, keep away from the kids.

I'd also like to add, don't de-seed anything like this without gloves like I did. I killed my eyes taking out my contact lenses and even the following morning when trying to put them in. So bad was the burn in my eyes I had to wear my glasses the following day. That cannot be healthy for your eyes.

Cheers Gary, this pod pretty much ruined me for a good 36 hours and nearly blinded me. Even though it's still not a stable pod it's got the hallmarks of a great pod but it's not one I'll be in a rush to revisit after that.

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