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Rocoto Santa Natalia

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:09 pm
by MarkS
Well this was a moment I was waiting first ever Rocoto....see my 2016 grow log for pictures

From the moment I cut open the Pod i knew this was going to be a totally different experience taste wise, and also looks wise with those masses of black seeds.

On cutting the pod it was very crisp - dare I say almost like a sweet pepper - and the aroma was a cross between sweet peeper/fruits/with an underlying aroma I couldnt put my finger on.

Popped in the first explosion of taste and juice eminates from the pod. Quite a sweet flavour but with a nice underlying heat...but nothing excessive, just really pleasant. A whole pod could easily be eaten with a salad.

My next pods are going to be stuffed with either a chilli mince mix or a cheese based stuffing and then baked in the oven.... I reckon they will be superb