Window Sill Propagator

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Re: Window Sill Propagator

Post by Anja »

I have this one: ... agator-kit

but would rather have had the one in your link.... It is a good feature to have the separate "rooms" as all seeds don't germinate at the same time!

I find that the heat gives you a faster germination, so I am happy with it.
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Re: Window Sill Propagator

Post by nickdu »

I bought one last week,been using one of their other propagators for four or five years now with no complaints.Imho the window cill propagator looks a very good idea/design.
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Re: Window Sill Propagator

Post by wuyang »

I have the window sill propagtor. I have nothing to compare it to, but i can say that it has worked very well for me and it seems good quality. My mother also has one and shes really impressed with it. Its very versatile with the seven individual untis and sits nicely on the window sill. I would recommend one without hesitation.

Re: Window Sill Propagator

Post by gaz1823 »

I've just grabbed one of these from the car boot, £4!! Can't wait to use it, before I was using a big mdeep tray heated propagator,which was good but to big really, so this lil but will sit on the windowsill and get all that lush sunshine
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