GS NFT Hydro System GS100 (3 plants)

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GS NFT Hydro System GS100 (3 plants)

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Image We tried out the GS100 in 2004, and found it a very easy kit to begin hydroponic growing with. This kit came with pH water test, nutrients, pump, heater and growing tank. The Greenhouse Sensation Hydro systems are active, which means that the water and nutrient is automatically pumped from a reservoir, around the plant roots, anything the plant does not take is drained back into the reservoir. This way the plants never receive too much or too little water and nutrient. In a GS NFT the water is constantly pumped over the roots and back into the reservoir over and over again. The plants we grew, here seemed to take off at a very quick rate compared with soil pot plants, plus there was no worries about watering as long as you keep an eye on the reservoir. All three varieties grew really well and needed little looking after apart from staking to keep the plant upright as it grew. Electricity is required if using a greenhouse, and we also had a problem with the heating element as it must have slightly leaked and hence burnt out, but these are available at aquarium supplies. Nice easy product to use and maintain. Available direct from Greenhouse Sensation.

Re: GS NFT Hydro System GS100 (3 plants)

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I was looking at these on there stall at the lakes chilli fest, I am sorely tempted to try one, seems like a good intro to hydroponic growing.

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I'll add another vote for the GS100. Managed to get mine plumbed into the greenhouse this year and it has produced the healthiest/strongest plants I've ever grown. Image
I'm not sure what day they are at now but plenty of fruit on the Trinidad Perfume. The Brown Congo doesn't seem interested in flowering though, just keeps on growing. The roots are unbelieveable. I think I'd need something like a waterbut filled with soil to overwinter it. Tempting.

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Question is - what's the difference in taste from the chilli itself?

A fellow chilli grower is convinced that they taste more 'washed out' than traditional soil grown chillies.
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