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Choc Brain

Post by Paul79 »

This is another pod kindly sent to me by Snagglepuss aka Gary.

The bag says Choc Brain, I'm going to make the assumption it's a chocolate brain strain. This already scares me. I don't like chocolate pods, they normally kill me and the brain strains I've tried in the past have absolutely nailed me.


This pod when cut open had the unmistakable aroma of pain, it wafts at you in a menacing voice, I'm going to hurt you, resistance is futile...


This had quite thin fleshy walls, pockets of oil throughout, not much placenta but it was running all the way to the bottom but in thin strands and the seeds were mostly contained at the top.

Again, I've removed a few seeds to help me out later today....

I popped this in and began to chew. It didn't take much to break this up with the thinness of the walls, it had, unusually an initial juicy bite but that's the best of it. Bitterness then came to the for and quite an earthy taste which isn't to my liking in all honesty.

I wasn't expecting this pod to taste great, I do genuinely dislike chocolate pods.

What this pod lacked in taste it made up for in heat. Before I'd even got the pod down the burn was starting on my tongue, near the back and coming forward with quite an aggressive burn. This was already the hottest pod I'd had this season without doubt. The burn very quickly engulfed the whole mouth, the top of the tongue was literally ablaze, senses pinging and eyes watering as a result.

The burn quickly began to spread to the front of the mouth, getting onto the lips, sides of the tongue and also reaching down the throat.

Sweating quite profusely now, eyes and nose like a tap being switched onto full, I reluctantly but necessarily had to reach for the milk in the fridge. This pod is kicking me in every direction.

The heat more than the burn is what killed me, the burn is aggressive but I've faced worse pods in the past but this gets hot, I was literally dripping and every breathe just caused my mouth pain. The heat on this last for a good ten minutes, it is seriously hot and left me feeling like I'd been beaten to a pulp. I honestly felt quite drained after eating this, it even managed to get the heart pounding at one point and it was a battle to control the flight or fight instinct within.

Uses for this..... Powders used sparingly? It's a seriously hot pod and not the greatest tasting in my opinion. For those who like a kick, this is the pod for you, it'll kick you like a champion race horse straight to the nether regions.

Cheers Gary, I had planned on trying a few out today, this was the 5th pod and it'll have to be the last one, it's caned me.

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