Using Neem Oil against Aphids

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Using Neem Oil against Aphids

Post by Birdman »

Hi, thought I'd share my experience with Neem oil.

Last year I had terrible trouble with green Aphids on my chillis. The most effective way to fight them was with Ladybird larvae. But they problem then was the ladybirds would eat all the Aphids really quickly and then bugger off. Continually buying them is expensive, and finding them in the local park time consuming/weird looks from people ;)

Determined not to use chemicals, I did a load of research and finally found recommends Neem Oil. My experience with it is this: it is a very effective deterrent, but will not instantly kill Aphids if they're already on there, and plants react badly if you use too much.

While the chillis were still growing inside, I tested the Neem on roses and a few other plants which had quite a lot of Aphids on. It didn't do anything straight away but after a few days I noticed the Aphids were dying, and with persistence (every 2-3 days) new ones stopped arriving where I was spraying it. Also I noticed that either because I used too strong a solution, or did it during hot sun hours, some of the leaves shrivelled up. So I'd learned a few things: get the Neem on before putting plants out, don't use too much, and keep applying it regularly.

Before taking the chillis out about 2 weeks ago, I gave the greenhouse insides a good spraying, and then a quick mist under and over the plants. I've been repeating that every 3-4 days and have not had one Aphid on them. It is a bit of a chore as you need to mix it up carefully so it's not too strong, with a bit of dish soap (so it dissolves in the water), but definitely works as a preventative. Around £6 is quite expensive for 500ml too, but that will easily last me more than a month.

As soon as the roses went a few days without any, the Aphids came straight back, so am making time to keep up with it on the chillis. I have also been told you can deploy ladybirds if necessary when the Neem is on there and it won't harm them, but haven't had to take that measure yet!

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Re: Using Neem Oil against Aphids

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Thanks for the post. I've been debating whether or not to buy it, apparently adding a little orange oil to it as well increases its affectivness....

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Re: Using Neem Oil against Aphids

Post by Heefy »

Very handy and led me to do my own experiment.
I have had some resistant strain this year, from last years overwinter plants. Nothing hits them. Tried everything.. SB Plant Invigorator, Ultimate Bug Clear, Bayer Aphid Killer, Natures Gift Worm Castings, Essential Oils, Shield, the works.

The only thing that works is a medium pressure garden hose on both sides of the leaves (some leaves bite the dust). Let them dry. Then next day they with be on the lower leaves making their way back up the plant. Squish them by hand. Check every leaf! Takes forever, it worth it.

Then spray with Neem oil, Bicarbonate of soda and washing up liquid. Top and underside of leaves.

Repeated the neem spray for three days, then weekly, thereafter.

Any remaining Aphids are few and far between and easy to squish. Best of luck mate.

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