Help Identifying Disease\Pest

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Help Identifying Disease\Pest

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I am struggling to identify what is going on with my plants. Are you able to identify the issue from these pictures and recommend the best course of action?

My plants are in a pot, outside. We live in Australia so the temperature is between 31-40 degrees C. I have occasionally been using the following, 'GoGo juice', magnesium to fertilise\enrich, and 'EcoOil' and mancozeb in case of thrips, spider mite and aphids.

Thanks for any advice.


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Re: Help Identifying Disease\Pest

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your plants are lacking fertiliser and nutrients. none of the items you are feeding your plants are fertiliser.

get some Charlie Carp or Powerfeed and give them a mix at 50% of the recommended rate and see how you go.

also recommend you pull that big fruit off the plant otherwise you might not get anymore pods - the plant is putting all of its energy into feeding that big mother and may not put out any buds in its weakened state.

I'm in Sydney and it was 46degrees where I am today. filthy weather. my plants are in growbags so I can move them around during the stupid summers we've been having lately. best of luck with the fires and your plants.

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