Hot Fajita Chilli

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Hot Fajita Chilli

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I have been sent a chilli called “Hot Fajita” by Suttons Seeds. I have not heard of this variety before and am struggling to find out what type of chilliu it is and similar to.

Can anyone advise?

The information on Suttons website says;
"Chilli Pepper Patio Plant - Hot Fajita
Our patio range will allow any gardener to 'Grow Your Own', with bumper harvests no matter how small your garden or patio. Compact plants, perfect for the patio. Hot but not too hot, great in Mexican food. Typical red, chilli-shaped fruit. Waxy skinned fruit means they store for longer. Can be grown in pots on a patio or greenhouse. 70,000 SHU."
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Re: Hot Fajita Chilli

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Similar to a cayenne but maybe milder

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