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Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2015 2:46 pm
by Paul79
Apologies in posting the remaining reviews up. My PC went and had several failures and it's taken some weeks to get it all up and running again. I'll attach the photos once all the backups are done.

Thanks to Gary for this pod. This is the final review of the bunch he sent me.

This pod is the Wartryx and Gary tells me this is a pod by Matthew Arthur but I couldn't find any details as to what the cross is to create it.

This is quite a big sized evil looking red pod (Pictures to Follow).

The pod when cut open has a distinctive chinense aroma, it's not over powering but you know it'll burn.

It's got some pockets of oil in their and the walls are quite thin and fleshy.

I popped the pod in, I tried to remove some of the seeds (I used a tweezer this time). There isn't much juice in this which isn't surprising but it does have a really good fruity flavour to it, quite unique as a lot of the super hots can be floral or lacking in a good flavour. No bitter after taste to this, each bite has a good taste which is pretty nice to be honest.

The burn kicks in relatively quickly, it goes to work on the front of the tongue and mouth, not sure If I've licked my lips or not but it feels like my lips are swelling a little. The heat begins to ramp up but it's nothing uncomfortable at this stage. My eyes are watering and I've got a sweat on but it's nowhere near the levels of the Kraken or Crazy 7 Pot.

I'm getting little hints of the flavour still in my mouth which is good, it's lingering, I like this.

The burn is moving further back into my mouth now towards my throat. Every breath is fanning flames across the surface of my tongue and mouth but it's not unbearable, if you can handle the hotter habs and mild bhut level chillies, then you'll enjoy this. The tears are still coming but I do tend to tear up with most chillies, the sweating while constant isn't overly bad.

Heat wise, I'd probably say it's around Bhut Level, maybe a touch under. I didn't feel the need to reach for any drink on this one, it's hot but it's not aggressive, it's an enjoyable burn if that makes sense. You can live with this sensation knowing it's not going to do damage and the fact the flavour does linger, dropping in and out almost makes it even better.

I've no idea if this is a stable pod yet but I'd hope if it isn't that the flavour is something that carries on through the various stages as it's definitely got my vote. I can see this being used in all manner of cooking, it would probably be really good dried and as a sauce.

Of all the peppers that Gary sent, this probably stood out as the best for both flavour and heat, it was the right kind of level for me to be able to enjoy it and for that I'd like to thank you again for not only a great Pod but a great variety of pods that you sent to me, very generous of you and I appreciate it, nice one!