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Albertos Rocoto (

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:32 pm
by Flamethrower
Albertos rocoto

Cultivation notes: Looks in everyway identical to the pubescens photographed in the outdoor thread: ... =2&t=16533

I’ll take it most know this species – attractive purple flowers, black seeds and looks really different. Robust and used thin wire suspention to pull up the branches because it got very wide and reachy. I wonder if it’s pubescent nature makes it slightly harder for pests but this is speculation. Harvest not bad

Taste test:
Been getting into chinense and baccatums(or lemon anyway); they aren’t nessasarily ‘better’ than annums but a new range of flavours and had tried the appley Pubescens “Manzano” years ago so was very excited to try this pubescens.

So…flesh thick and juicy but despite ripeness the flavour is a flop to be honest; nothing sweet or fruity. Kind of bland and gourdy. Tastes of chlorophyll and bitter like a green pepper. Not the bitter capsacinoid bitterness just sort of a bit planty. Heat can be pretty hot.
Got used to it but overall this chilli tastes a bit uncultivated and so not overly impressed raw although it cooks fine

Edit - Actually I think I should put 'pretty good' for yield

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Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:54 pm
by Flamethrower
This chilli worked well in curry; overall the textures good but as I say the flavours slightly ‘meh’ but it could be individual variation and it could be potentially better(I don’t actually know if most of the C.pubs are all that good- not much experience) which brings up a question - I have seed from this plant (and can get more) - it’s my only C.Pub so a pure self pollination - if this is a slightly ‘meh' phenotype is the seed worth exploring for better plants or is it likely I’ve restricted it’s genetics away from tastier pods over presumably the original seeds (I bought a plant) - I am assuming that’s the case to a degree?

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Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2016 1:01 pm
by Flamethrower
Actually the bit above is part of the advertising just in case it's confusing - it’s a rework of my, I hope, comprehensive second post into complete nonsense and not what I meant at all which is hilarious since it was to advertise an essay editing service for “acedemic” purposes or something like that; the links gone but my mickey take is too; I wasn’t advertising anything other than the unauthorised advertisers own goal but glad their versions still up; do your own work kids :)