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Now in our twenty-fifth year, Chillis Galore are Richard & Kathy, who started growing chillis in 1990 in Spixworth and then moving it to Drayton, Norwich, UK. It all started mainly to obtain some different varieties to use in home cooking. To begin with they were mainly Mexican varieties such as Ancho's and Passila's, and the hottest variety then was the Red Habanero from the Caribbean. After a few successful years of chilli growing the website was developed to share this knowledge, and over the years it has grown in popularity.

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This led on to us developing our own range of homemade chilli jellies, relishes and sauces in March 2000, which is still done the same way today, in our home kitchen. Every year we still grow our plants in 2 greenhouses in our back garden where we grow different varieties each year to show, sell and use in our own products which involves keeping up with and growing the latest trending super hot chillis. The last few years have seen a slowdown in the quest for the "Hottest" chilli but with the continuing crossing of the super hot chillis there are still plenty of varieties to try and experiment with, although after all these years now we have our favorites.

Greenhouse NagaKathy in greenhouseChilli Jellies

All of our products are still handmade by Kathy in our home kitchen to our own developed recipes over the years. We do not add any colourants or bulking agents just letting the individual natural flavours and heat of the chilli peppers come through giving a fresh and vibrant flavour. All products contain fresh chilli pods to ensure maximum flavour and cooked in small batches in two stainless steel pots and then hand filled and sealed. The labels have been designed by us, home printed and hand labeled at home. All aspects of all of our products are still managed from our home, even down to deliveries around East Anglia.

We stopped the online diaries from 2016 as we think we have exhausted the many ways of growing over the previous years and now stick to out tried and tested methods each year, mainly using the self watering system from Greenhouse sensation "the Quadgrow", we now also have some firm favourites we grow each year to make our limited edition sauces, which are tasty big podded chillis. 

Brief Guide to Site Information

Worlds Hottest

Worlds Hottest Nov 2023

With a Guinness Record of 2,693,000 SHU its sizzling Scoville score was calculated at Winthrop University in South Carolina, which conducted tests over the past four years. Smokin’ Ed’s Pepper X made it to the top of super-hot chilli charts.

Wilbur Scoville

Chilli Info

Brief History of chillis with their heat scales which is measured in Scoville units. Chilli Species, the main Species Terminology, and the Health benefits of using them. What to do after harvest, if you have too many chillis to use.

Chilli GrowingChilli Growing

We have now grown chillis successfully for over 25 years, starting off with limited strains available in the UK. All this is documented in our online diaries, with a page on the equipment we have used throughout this time.
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Chilli SeedsChilli Seeds

Buying new fresh seeds should give you a better chance of germination and a true strain of chilli. Undecided on what to grow have a look at our varieties pages or growing diaries which may help you decide.

Chilli DiariesChilli Diaries 2000 - 2021

Over the years we have tried and tested different growing systems which are all documented in our diaries from 2000, growing many different strains.
We have now settled on using the self watering Quadgrows from 2016 onwards and now grow mainly for our hot sauces each year.

Chilli VarietiesChilli Varieties

These may give you an idea of some chilli varieties to start with. We have listed most of the ones we have grown over the years and where the seeds come from, a small picture accompanies the description and a rough guide to the heatscale.

Chilli CookingChilli Cooking

Lots of ideas with recipes, plus preparation of dried chillis, pickling your own chillis, roasting chillis and storing chillis. Informative guide to dried chillis and the differences between them all and when and how to use them.

Chilli ForumsOnline Chilli Shop

All of our products are our own recipes and still handmade in our home kitchen and hand labelled.